Thursday, February 14, 2019

Luv 2 Play Field Trip 2-14 Pictures

We went to Luv 2 Play today and it was an absolute blast! The children and I had so much fun! Some of the pictures are blurry but they couldn't stop moving- they were so happy and excited! I hope I got at least one picture of your child so you can see how much fun they were having! Enjoy!
Bus ride on the way there!



Watching her big sister! 

 Her turn!

 Big smile!

 Climbing through the tunnels!

More tunnels!

Ready for the slide!

 Big smile!!

Run, Run, Run!

Climbing the stairs!

Slide time!

More fun on the slide!

Watching for the balls to come down!


 Just got off the slide!

 Miss Brincks look at me!!

 Group picture!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Picture Crazy!

I just posted pictures for the months of September- January! (Finally figured out why I couldn't update before throughout the year!) Yay! I will now post pictures from every month at the end of the month!

Hope you enjoy all the fun that we have had in the classroom so far! I know I have!

January Pictures!

Q-Tip letter practice!



 Snow Blocks!

 Science Area!

Winter bulletin board! Look at those hats!

December Pics!

 Movie day!

 Making ornaments for our trees!

 More ornaments!

And more! They all work so hard!

November Pics!

Parting the Sea activity

 Block area fun!

 Making medicine to help the pets!


 Train tracks!

 More building...

Nice house!

 Making our telescopes!





 Fun art is always messy art! Or the other way around!

 Making our scarecrows!

 So much concentration!

 Looking good!

 Coloring fun..

 more coloring..

 Big smile!

 And another!

 Hard at work!

 Making a bridge..or a slide!

 Beautiful flowers!

 Foam and cube fun!

 Pet clinic!

 Magnetic tile fun!


 Nice snowman!


 Turkey tracks!