Thursday, January 30, 2020

Misc. and Practicing our Grandparents Day songs!

Practicing our songs and moves!

 Great Job!

Coloring a picture with Jesus and His 12 disciples.

Catholic School's Week- Wednesday (Luv 2 Play)

Wednesday was so much fun with the kids! We all ran and played hard! If I did not get a great picture of your child... just know that I was up climbing in that jungle gym to try and find each one of them, but some of them were just too fast for me!

Lexie in the back swinging away!

Lachlyn and a 3K friend having fun!

Slide time!

 Go Alex Go!

Big smiles from Teddy

 Nora and Ryelynn!


Noelle and Hunter showing Mrs. Friesen around!

Alex, Nora, and Hunter try to throw the balls to me!

Khloe climbing the stairs to go down the slide

Noelle, Gavin, and Teddy walking across the bridge

On the way home!

We had so much fun!




Catholic School's Week- Monday (Read-In in the gym)

Wednesday, January 8, 2020