Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Happy Thursday!

Today is just going to be an informational post. 

When you pick up your brown paper bag tomorrow, there will be two things in that bag from me.

There will be a yellow/orange folder from me and a blue(boy) or pink(girl) cup with four things in it.

The yellow/orange folder will have coloring pages in it at the kids may do at their own pace. 
There should be another sheet in there that the kids did at the beginning of the year. I believe that sheet says "My First Day of School."
There are also name tags and a small picture of them that we used in the classroom.
Now there should be 3 worksheets to actually "do."
  1. Fill in the missing number. (Go over this worksheet with your child. They should be able to tell you which number goes next. If they do not know how to write the number- you write it first and have them trace it.)
  2. Just a Dot, Not a Lot (This worksheet is for liquid glue practice. Place a small dot of liquid glue in each spot. This is good practice because in Kindergarten, they will begin to use liquid glue more and more. When I use liquid glue with the kids, I like to use the saying "dot, dot, not a lot." It's a catchy phrase that I find the kids saying after a while because they catch on and use it too.)
  3. My Last Day of School (Do not have the kids do this worksheet quite yet. Have them do it as close to the end of the year as possible. This will be a good comparison between the beginning of the school year and the end. Their picture of themselves should have developed more and maybe they turned a year older!!)
The Cup
  1. Model Magic (Use this to create something fun. It is white, but I hear you can color it! I believe once you bring the clay out, you have 24 hours before it starts to harden. I have never used this, so I thought it would be fun to give it a try! You can also color this model magic clay with watercolor paints or markers!)
  2. Welch's Fruit Snack (I put this in because...who doesn't like fruit snacks?!)
  3. Kool- Aid Packet (A nice summer drink to share with the family and use your new cup of course!)
  4. Note (Each cup should have a note inside that is the design of a smiley face. I wrote each parent/child a special note!)
I hope I can all see you tomorrow between the times of 11am-11:30am. I will be there and ready to wave! 

I miss you all so much!

Miss Brincks