Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hi boys and girls!

I can't believe that all your things will officially be out of the school by the end of this week. It makes me SO sad! I am going to miss you all in the classroom with me very much! You were all a blessing! 

CHANGE: If you have not yet read the email that went out yesterday from Mrs. Cowart, the pick up day has been changed to Friday!
You all have a bag to pick up! The items will be in the back parking lot of the school and the instructions on how to retrieve your items are in the email Mrs. Cowart sent out yesterday! The teachers will be in the parking lot to wave at the kids from 11-11:30am. The items will be available for pick up from 10am to 12pm. I hope I can see some of you! 

We are going to be reading One Bean by Anne Rockwell today. 

How many of you have planted a garden? Are you going to? When?
Mine will be planted within the next week!

Remember today is letter P in our alphabet countdown! Today is Pajama Day! I know every day could probably be a pajama day, but make sure today is DEFINITELY one of them!

Have a great Wednesday!

Miss Brincks


  1. Ryelynn checking in hopefully we can make the timing work out!

  2. Hunter checking in, we do not have a garden, maybe next year we will plant a garden

    1. Garden's are exciting to watch grow, but they take a lot of love and care!