Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday, April 8

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are all going to try and make the most of this Easter. I know it is going to be hard for me. Holidays are a very important time for me because I love to spend them with all my family. 

Today you are going to hear the stories of The Last Supper that Jesus had with all his disciples before he was taken away. You are also going to hear the story called A Dark Friday. This is about Jesus being taken away and crucified. Jesus died on the cross this upcoming Friday many, many years ago. This day to us is called Good Friday.

The first thing I'm going to have you do is watch the rest of the story that we started yesterday. Parents: please start the video at 10:16 and stop it at 15:48. This is a short video clip. 

The next thing I am going to put on here is myself reading the Bible stories for you to listen to. They match the video you watched, so listen carefully.

Sorry boys and girls, my hair is wet! Haha! 😋

Today, please take out your two coloring sheets labeled The Last Supper and Jesus is Crucified. You do not have to color both today, although you are more than welcome to! Normally I would have one colored at school and one to send home, but since you already have both at home- it is completely up to you! 

Alright boys and girls- Can you remember to finish your Lenten path to Easter the last four days? I'm counting on you! Today you should have colored in Day 37.

Four more days until Easter!

Please remember that just because I am not there to watch you, doesn't mean that you can scribble-scrabble your picture either. Also, all pictures are not one color right? Is my picture all one color? Please use many colors and stay in the lines! Make them beautiful!

Up to this point, you should have colored 4 Bible story pictures, and almost finished your path to Easter. I look forward to popping on and reading an Easter story to you this Sunday. 

I want you all to know that I am thinking about you all very much during this Easter season. I am so happy that you get the extra family time right now to be able to spend the season together. 

"Dear God, let me help people who need help. I want to be kind and helpful, just like you."

Have a wonderful Easter!

Miss Brincks

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday, April 7th

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all watched the video that was on my blog yesterday and colored one picture that I talked about!

Today I am going to read the two stories out of the Read and Learn Bible that match the video clip you watched on Monday! 

If you have your pictures, please color one or both of your pictures (A Donkey for a King or Washing Feet) today after you listen to the stories. Please if you have not received your mail, let me know! I am thinking it should be to you by today, and if not, tomorrow.

Please listen to me read Jesus Comes to Jerusalem and Jesus the Servant below.

Make sure you color one of the pictures today that match the stories, and if you have colored both already- Great Job!

Also, today is Day 36 on our path to Easter! Are you keeping track?

"Dear God, help me to love everyone, just like you."

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

Miss Brincks

Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday, April 6th

First Day of Distance Learning!

Hello Boys and Girls and Parents!

I have sent out some mail for your children on Saturday(if I did not see you on Thursday for older children's pick up day), I am playing it safe saying you have not received it yet, but if you have, that is GREAT! 😊

Normally, I would read the story and then show them the video the next day. However, for this week and these stories, I figure showing the video and then reading the story would be easier for comprehension. 

We are going to watch the video today about The Story of Easter. The story is made by the Beginner Bible and it can be found on Youtube. The link is here:

Click Here! The Story of Easter
(If it starts in the middle of the video, please rewind it to the beginning. Every time I try out the link, it starts in the middle for some reason! Crazy technology!)

You ARE NOT going to watch the whole video today. You will only watch up until 10 minutes and 16 seconds. We do this a lot at school where we split the videos into two sections, so your child should understand why you are stopping the video. Simply tell them that Miss Brincks is not ready for them to watch the rest of the story yet. 

If you got your mail or if you got it on the pick up day last Thursday, after they watch the video, they can go ahead and color the page that says either "A Donkey for a King" or "Washing Feet." They do not have to do both sheets today but can if they wish. If you do not have the sheets yet, do not panic! You can color them when you get them! That is my error that they are not to you yet!

Please remember as well to color you path to Easter. You should be on Day 35, just like me!

Tomorrow I will pop on and read the two Bible stories that go along with this video. 

Remember! This Thursday and Friday and next Monday- is our Easter break, meaning we will not have any distance learning on these days. 

Have a great first day of distance learning, and kids- remember to listen to your mom and dad and help them out! We are all in this together!

"Dear God, may my words always be kind and never hurtful."

Have a great Monday!

Miss Brincks

Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday, April 3!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope your week has been a fantastic one! 

I am ready for our distance learning to start on Monday! Learning from home AND teaching from home are harder than all of us thought! 🤣

Here's another story!
Yesterday, my dog disappeared while we were outside and I was looking for her for a little bit and all of a sudden I heard her. She does not like small spaces ever since she was young so I was surprised to bend over and find her underneath the deck! That crazy dog! By the way, she is almost 11 and a lab! How can she fit under there?!

Have fun playing this game and challenging yourself! You must count the fish and choose the right number that matches! You might need help.. or try on your own!

Please email me or comment below to let me know anything fun that you have been doing lately!!

Miss Brincks

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday, April 2nd

Good Afternoon Parents, Boys and Girls,

For those of you that picked up older sibling's things today from school, you received a Ziploc bag with papers in it. For those that do not have older siblings or did not have to come pick up your things today, I sent out some mail today that will be getting to you shortly. 

Inside your bag/ envelope should be all the Bible Pictures for now that you will need. None of them should be colored until next week. On the day you are supposed to color them, I will put up a story of myself reading the Bible story, or a link to watch the Bible story. After you have watched either video, you will then color your picture that I say to, just like we do at school! Yes one of the pictures and either blue or yellow....WHOOPS, the printer was playing a joke on me!

Also, I hope you are keeping up with your path to Easter. You should have colored in Day 32 today! 

I will be reaching out separately to all of you to ask to share something about what has been going on and any fun pictures you'd like to share as well. 

Watch the video below!

Boys and Girls, can you guess where I was today?

The school is bare and I miss you all very much! 

Lots of Love!
Miss Brincks

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April 1st- Happy First Day of April

Today is the first day of April! How are you all doing today?

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy? I know in my down time, I enjoy coloring! 

Have you colored any pictures that are really neat? Email or text me the picture with you in it, I would love to see you and the picture!

Moms and Dads- Have fun with your child today playing Bingo! They might need some help with the grid and numbers! Don't be afraid to challenge them!

See you tomorrow!!
Miss Brincks

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Happy Tuesday!

How is everyone's day today?

Are you remembering to color one square a day on your path to Easter? I hope so!

Today if we were still in school, we would have been going to see Llama Llama Red Pajama at the PAC in Appleton. Since we are not allowed to be in school, I figured that it would be a good time to pop on and read the story to you!

(Sorry for always looking to the side in the video, one of my dogs, Buck, was getting into some trouble! Also, you can hear my lab, Mustang, barking outside! Those dogs sure do keep me on my toes!)  Well here goes nothing, it's my first video! Haha! 😊

I miss you all so, so much!!

Miss Brincks